DSPA - Dynamic Separation Process Analyser

The patented system is a unique improvement for monitoring and optimising the process of separation control and throughput.  A continuous measuring of the thermodynamic properties of layers and interfaces enables the calculation of the vertical profile of the various phases (sand, water, emulsion, oil, foam and gas).  From the dynamic properties of the signals a vertical velocity profile may be obtained in order to get an indication of local turbulence between layers.    The DSPA system may be modified for separation and slug detection in large multiphase transportation pipelines.

 Sensorteknikk has also demonstrated a way of measuring the thermodynamic properties of layers and interfaces by using fiber optic means both as sensor and transmission of signal to the control room.

 Prototypes are installed at various platforms in the North Sea.

 The sensor consists of an array of individual and discrete and passive sensor elements, hermetically sealed in a welded titanium tube.  The part of the sensor within the separator has no electronic components or moving parts.  No maintenance or calibration is needed after installation.