Sensorteknikk AS is an innovative research and development company specialized in solving/ developing new sensor technology and measuring principles covering a wide range of applications, offshore, industrial, military and distributed ship surveillance.    The main activities are related to systems for optimising oil and gas production, especially for well flow and separation processes.


Sensorteknikk has developed the way to extract fluid dynamic related properties by explorative, multivariate and acoustic spectroscopic methods.


Sensorteknikk has succeeded to obtain a method for extracting all for the flowing medium relevant information out of a “noisy” acoustic signal from a sensor system on the surface of the turbulence creating means.  This means flow rates, composition of the flowing medium and condition of the flow regime.  Acoustic chemometrics is used in the concept in order to obtain all flow and medium parameters in a readable way for the user.  



Sensorteknikk has  great success with their innovation for measuring the composition of a flowing medium through a turbulence creating means, generating passive acoustic energy.  The principle is based on the fact that a fraction of the kinetic energy of the through flowing fluid is transformed into acoustic energy, which contains a wide acoustic spectrum.  This spectrum is a function of several parameters that characterise the composition of the flow.  The acoustic signals are picked up by en acoustic sensor clamped on the outside of a choke valve or another suitable flow conditioning means.  



Fluid Purity Sensor   -  FPS

The principle of extracting medium information by acoustic chemometric principle has led to several applications for measuring/analysing a flowing medium.  The application varies from large scale multi flow metering, well flow analysing and detecting of fractional liquid content in gas flow.  In a small scale we have succeeded to measure small quantities (ppm) of oil contaminations in water.




Dynamic Separation Process Analyser  -  DSPA

A new "intelligent" sensor system for improved separation control and enhanced production throughput.  A unique and patented technology for continuous measuring of the thermodynamic properties of the surrounding medium.  The DSPA enables to measure the exact levels/layers of gas, foam, oil, emulsion, water and sand in separator tanks and pipelines.